We want to share the beauty we see and the culture we love with ours clients.

ZARP is a cultural-artistic studio. Our team is specialized in design, communication and cultural production and curating. We aim to do so with care and devotion. Each one of our works is unique and costum made.

P A U L O   A L V E S

BA in Communication Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Post-Graduation in Trends Communication and MA in Culture and Communication by the School of Arts and Humanities, where he is now starting his PhD in Cultural Studies. He integrated several BIP/ZIP projects, such as “Rede de Carpintaria de Lisboa” and “Edifício Manifesto”. In 2013 he worked as a designer for the Lisbon Triennale, under the supervision of the Zak Group. Since 2014 Paulo has been Managing Editor for the platform Trends Observer. In 2016 he managed the Communication and Production team for Beyond Creative, and as Invited Expert for the workshop “Communication Tools”. Paulo has a wide experience in cultural production and communication. He has worked the the CEAUL as researcher of the creative industries.


R O M E U   Z A G A L O

MA in Architecture by the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, with an exchange year at ENSA-Versailles. Post-Graduation in Eco-Architecture. Cofounder of FA International Students, a welcoming committee for foreign students. There, Romeu was responsible for cultural events, a way of introducing the students to the Portuguese cultural references. Currently working at Lisbon Triennial, as exhibition assistant, and at the Faculty of Architecture as researcher. His main interest is the study of communities and the public space in contemporary cities. He is cofounder of ZARP, where he is developing several design works.


A N A   R I T A   P A T I N H A

BA in Audiovisual and Multimedia, by the School of Communication and Media Studies, she also has a Professional Photogrphy Course by the Instituto Português de Fotografia (IPF). After finishing the studies, Rita was TA of indoors studio at IPF. Rita worked as fashion photographer for Facemodels Agency, in 2011. There she photographed new face models for their personal Books, Polaroids and Compcards. In 2014 she made an independent fashion short movie called “Transient”, where she promotes the work of Teresa Carvalheiro. This short movie was presented in the Porto Fashion Film Festival and Condomínio Festival. Due to her experience, intense travelling and fashion interest, she developed her own photographic style in fashion photography, inspired by natural beauty, literature, romanticism and the French new wave. Rita enjoys creating stories with a cinematic approach and playful narratives.


C A T A R I N A   D I A S

BA in Audiovisual and Multimedia, by the School of Communication and Media Studies, she also has a Professional Photography Course by the Instituto Português de Fotografia (IPF). Catarina is now working in the Communication Office at the School of Communication and Media Studies. She is responsible for photographic and text articles, graphic work and design, among other activities related to internal and external communication of the school. Freelance Photographer specialized in architecture, portrait and shows. Her work has been shown in several different platforms. In 2014, she directed and produced the documental video “Speaking Walls”, included in the online platform “Mapa do Graffiti na Amadora”. In 2015, she organized the workshop “Fotografia Estenopeica” in the festival “Conversas na Rua”, at Amadora. In 2016, Catarina was an invited expert for the workshop “Communication Tools”, in the event Beyond Creative.


M A R G A R I D A   F E R R E I R A

BA in Communication Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. After her year in Nottingham Trent University, Margarida is now developing her MA research on communication and new media. In 2016 her work was exposed in two exhibitions, in Coimbra and Lisbon. Passionate about illustration, Margarida never stops sketching. Her drawings embody her peculiar imaginary, and connects us with unexpected and curly worlds.


T O M Á S   R E I S

MA in Architecture and Urbanism by Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, urban sketcher and piano player. His thesis on creative workspaces was awarded José Lamas merit prize. After his year abroad, at Lund University, Tomás was a fellow at Urbachina research project. Pushing new boundaries, the collaboration with Broadway Malyan Portugal Office allowed him to move on to large-scale projects worldwide. His experiences pushed him towards retail design, and the relation between anchor spaces and smaller business. Since childhood, Tomás nurtured a passion for nature and the living environment. His travels and artistic skills has made him an exquisite sketcher of the world.

Each of our products is carefully constructed for one unique purpose. We are glad to take on new challenges or special commissions you might have.

Feel free to reach us at: cenas@zarp.co.uk

In a gesture we seek beauty

In a movement we seek senses

In a perception we seek transformation

In space we seek a canvas

In a light we seek existence

In an object we seek culture

In emptiness we seek a meaning

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